Travis Kamm, PGA Instructor


Travis N. Kamm is a PGA teaching professional with over nineteen years of working experience in the golf industry. He is a Ferris State University graduate of the Professional Golf Management Program. Travis is a highly trained expert in video instruction, motion measurements, and golf ball data.  He is specifically skilled in utilizing the necessary tools to help players play better golf.  Travis uses Trackman 4 to quickly gain the ball and club data from his student so he can prepare the proper plan to improve their game.

Recently the Bay Meadow Learning Center added K-Motion for the instructors to use.  K-Motion measures the student’s body movement throughout the swing giving feedback that enables students to rapidly understand and improve their swing sequence.  Travis has become an expert with K-Motion and he calls it the “Trackman for the body”.

He combines knowledge, drills, and simplification to improve the technicalities of the golf swing while ensuring his students are focused on their goals and objectives. Many students choose Travis to be their life coach due to his personal interest in their growth, success and goal achievement. Travis is committed to helping his students enjoy a lifetime of golf enjoyment and improvement.

Travis resides in Traverse City, Mi with his wife Melissa and son Peyton, and daughter Lacey.



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