TCJGA 2019 Tournament Schedule


Open to boys and girls ages 7-18 who qualify. (Age is as of June 1, 2019)

10 & Under Division12 & Under Division13 & Over Division : 9 hole – the entry fees for each tournament $25 (includes lunch).

Tour Division (18 & Under): 18 hole – players who have not graduated from high school and played in the Tour Division last year or qualify by establishing good playing abilities in the 10 & Under or 12 & Under Division competitions and are invited to move up. The entry fees for each event will be from $40 – $70. (includes lunch)

Elite Division (18 & Under): 18 hole – players who have not started college should consider the Elite Division. It is a highly competitive 18-hole division within the TCJGA. The entry fees for each event will be from $40 – $70. (includes lunch)

Collegiate Division (22 & Under): 18 hole – players that have graduated from high school and do not exceed the age limit. The entry fees for each event will be from $50 – $80. (includes lunch) Competitors in this group will be awarded Gift Cards depending on their finishes.

Within each Division of play, there will be age level competition. Players will accumulate points for their order of finish in each tournament. Points will be totaled for play prior to the Junior Championship Tournament and awards will be given based on those points.

In the event, a golfer is not satisfied with the competition in their age level they may request to move up to another age level. Players must maintain an appropriate level of play to remain in that group.

Click for printable schedules:

10 & Under                                                           12 & Under

13 & Over                                                             Tour Division

Eliite Divison                                                        Collegiate Division

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